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Grandmother Makes $400k Yearly Selling Weed

A new Vice documentary on the marijuana industry in England reveals some surprising information.

A British grandmother who is profiled in the video claims to make over $400,000 per year growing marijuana in her home, reports the Daily Mail. “I'm on disability,” she explains, “so it finances me, finances the kids and finances my immediate family.”

Known as “groppers,” elderly women on pensions who grow pot are increasingly popular because they are not suspected, and thus less likely to get caught.

 “It’s less likely for them [police] to think that a woman is a drug grower... I just grow it, dry it, sell it on,” she says.

When asked if she is afraid of criminal gangs, who use drones with heat-seeking cameras to scan for crop-houses they can raid, she replies: “I don’t have to worry about criminal gangs. I've got gang members in every corner of my family so I don’t have to worry, they’ve got my back. I don’t use them but I know they are there if I was to want to use them.”

Viewers of the documentary witness her showing off the industrial-grade weed production equipment in her home, boasting that the plants in a single room generates over $1,000 every 12 weeks. With six rooms devoted to growing, she makes close to half a million dollars per year, at almost zero risk of being caught, she says in the documentary.

All that equipment does use a lot of electricity, however, and her primary concern is reducing her electrical bill. She does that by "rigging" the meter in a manner that also helps obscure her operation. As she explains: “Rig your electric, where the meter itself can stop, or if you're next-door to an empty house, rig it up to next-door and cover the room so that the light is not detected.”

The Vice documentary is part of a series entitled “High Society,” which investigates the voracious demand for drugs in the U.K.

Sources: Daily Mail, Vice/YouTube / Photo Credit: Vice via Daily Mail

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