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GoPro Attached To Islamic State Group Fighter's Helmet Captures His Death (Video)

A new video on LiveLeak apparently features a point-of-view video (below) of an Islamic State group fighter being killed by an Iraqi soldier during a skirmish.

The footage was captured by a GoPro camera strapped the the unidentified militant’s helmet. Though the footage itself isn’t particularly bloody, it may make some viewers uncomfortable.

Though the footage on LiveLeak is just over two minutes long, the clip on YouTube has been shortened to just under 30 seconds. The militant and another fighter can be seen exchanging fire with Iraqi forces using an AK-47.

After running through a partially destroyed home and exchanging fire, someone in the video can be heard yelling “Allahu Akbar!” — meaning God is great. The militant briefly takes shelter behind sandbags, where he can be heard breathing heavily from behind the camera. When he steps out from behind his shelter, he’s killed by a sniper.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some readers.

Sources: LiveLeak, The Daily Caller

Image via LiveLeak


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