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Good Samaritan Stabbed In Revenge Attack For Exposing Man Filming Up Women's Skirts


A Good Samaritan who exposed a man caught filming up women’s skirts was stabbed in an apparent revenge attack.

Gerardo Cruz Barquero, 22, shamed a Costa Rican Ministry of Finance employee for filming up a woman’s dress in San Jose, Costa Rica, and his video of the confrontation quickly went viral.

“Sir, are you having a good time filming the young woman?” Barquero asked the man.

“I would stop following me if you don’t want problems,” the man responded.

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The Ministry of Finance subsequently confirmed that the man was, indeed, a government employee and that they were considering disciplinary action.

Days after the confrontation, Barquero was mysteriously attacked in the San Sebastian district of San Jose — stabbed once in the abdomen and once near his heart. He is currently in intensive care and fighting for his life.

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Many have now speculated that the attack was revenge for the public shaming of the Ministry of Finance employee.

“He is in a critical condition,” Barquero’s aunt said of her nephew’s condition. "They performed open-heart surgery and he is now in intensive care. The doctors have not told us anything else.” 

Barquero, who has a daughter, learned after his video of the confrontation went public that a police investigation against him was being considered on the grounds of breach of privacy.

“I really don't understand this country and how a good person can become a villain in a matter of seconds,” he responded to the news. “How is it possible that I'm invading the privacy of a man who's filming a young woman's private parts?”

Sources: Daily Mail, Tico Times / Photo credit:


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