Golfer Ian Poulter Tells Off Cameraman (Video)

British golfer Ian Poulter had a rough second round at the Hong Kong Open on Dec. 9, and took out some of his frustration on a cameraman (video below).

Poulter made it into the top 10, but saw his fortune turn at the fifteenth hole, where he shot a quadruple-bogey eight, notes Sky Sports.

Poulter hit his ball into the rough, and then into a bunker where he failed twice trying to get out of the sand.

He finally hit his ball onto the edge of the green, but took two more putts to drop the ball in the hole.

In the video, Poulter points at a Sky Sports cameraman, and says: "Next time I’m ready to play my shot, don’t be running in behind me."

Poulter later tweeted about the incident, according to the The Big Lead.

"A simple snowman makes everyone feel better," Poulter tweeted in Dec. 9. "Don't run behind me when I'm ready to hit. I was ready he wasn't. Simple mistake."

However, that tweet drew quite a bit of criticism and fact checking from fellow Twitter users:

[Ian Poulter] [Sky Sports Golf] didn't see any cameramen in the bunker with you?! Whiner!!

[Ian Poulter] Come on, get over it mate.

[Ian Poulter] How about you take ownership of your terrible play and not blame a cameraman. Pathetic!

You are a great sportsman [Ian Poulter] you took full responsibility and didn't blame others.

Just to clarify [Ian Poulter] was the entire quadruple bogey the camera guy's fault or just the first like four of five strokes?

[Ian Poulter] are you related to [Donald Trump] cuz your ego sucks just like his. Practice, practice, practice.

[Ian Poulter] What a pity! Blame the cameraman haha Im sorry your got 8 on a par 4.

I think you may have eaten to much carp. Maybe got hit In head with ball. You are a Sticky wicket.

[Ian Poulter] We didn't know it snowed in Hong Kong. You're such a wanker. Pratt. Dumb a**.

Sources: Sky Sports, The Big Lead / Photo Credit: Sky Sports via YouTube

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