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Girl Allegedly Makes Disgusting Discovery In Her McDonald's Fries

A schoolgirl says she was terrified when she found a living worm inside her McDonald’s french fries.

Rhiannon Kearns, 8, went through a drive-thru in  Chesterton, Staffordshire, England, with her mother, Jemma, and her mom's fiance, Tom Cartridge. Then they parked the car to eat.

“I ate my cheese melts first," Rhiannon told Mirror, "and I was about to eat my [french fries] when I saw a greasy one, and then it moved. I jumped out of my seat and just started screaming. I chucked the [french-fry] box, and [the worm] jumped out onto my bag and started wriggling around.

"The worm had a big horn on it, and I was worried it might sting people. Mum just ran out of the car and opened my door, and I just screamed, 'Worm, worm!'”

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The family caught the encounter on video. They went right back to McDonald's to tell the manager, who offered them a free meal, reports Mirror.

“The lady offered me a free meal, but I didn't want it," Rhiannon said. "I'm never going to eat there again; it's really scary.”

Tom, who works as a pump engineer, initially thought Rhiannon was exaggerating.

“I'd never seen anything like that, and my worry was that it was from a foreign country, and I wanted it out of the car in case it stung or bit," Tom said. "I work all over the country, so I eat at McDonald's a couple of times a week, but I wouldn't eat there now.”

A McDonald’s representative apologized for the experience and added that an investigation was launched as soon as the family came back to the store, reports AOL.

McDonald’s is working to confirm the species and origin of the bug.

“The creature has been sent away for analysis to determine where it originated from, and there is no evidence to suggest any other products were affected,” a spokesperson for McDonald's said.

“We're now keen to see what the creature is, but I'm definitely not going back there and I don't think Rhiannon will ever forget this," Jemma said.

Sources: Mirror, AOL / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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