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Girl Dies Of Heatstroke After Sitting In Sun For Hours To Use WiFi

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A Romanian teenager died of heatstroke after she reportedly spent hours in the sun in order to utilize free WiFi and log into Facebook.

The girl’s name is Andreea Patuleanu, 14, and she spent hours in the heat on Wednesday before she succumbed to heat stroke, according to the Mirror.

Temperatures on that day reached into the 90s.

Her uncle, Cristian Grigore, told local TV that she was using a free computer and WiFi from the village hall.

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“She used to go in front of the town hall to get free wireless,” Grigore said. "She used it for Facebook like most kids do.”

When she passed out, emergency medical personnel said that she had suffered from heart failure.

“She had no pulse or blood pressure when we started resuscitation,” said Dr. Elena Radulescu, who was on the scene when Patuleanu passed out.

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They attempted to resuscitate her, to no avail.

“She told me she felt a pain in her chest,” Grigore said, “so I gave her water, but she was sick. She recovered for a bit then she clenched her mouth and collapsed.”

Patuleanu also reportedly had a pre-existing condition that may have led to her death, according to coroners.

Since Patuleanu's parents reportedly never registered her at birth, she must now first be registered as a person to the government before she can be buried. 

Heat stroke happens when the body's temperature reaches 107 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, according to This causes cell damage after 30 minutes. 

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Photo Credit: CEN via Mirror, Charleston's TheDigitel/Flickr, Erin Pettigrew/Flickr


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