Girl Dies After Getting Stuck In Electric Shutter (Photo)


A 7-year-old Chinese girl died in a freak accident involving an electric sectional overhead door.

The girl and her cousin of the same age -- who was left gravely wounded-- were playing near the contraption when they got their heads and hands got caught in the rolling shutters, leaving them suspended in the air.

On Aug. 12, villagers heard cries for help at around 7 a.m. in Dayi, Sichuan, according to Daily Mail. They were shocked to find two pairs of legs hanging in the air from the overhead door.

Wu Youfang, one of the villagers, immediately recognized one of the kids as her own granddaughter, Tada.

Youfang gripped a table and held onto Tada’s legs. A neighbor ran to the scene after borrowing a cutter from a nearby factory to try and break the shutter open.

The factory also sent several employees to assist in the rescue.

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The rescuers turned the power off and managed to disengage the shutter after 20 minutes. The entire rescue operation took about an hour.

The two kids were taken to the hospital, but one of the children died en route.

Tada suffered from a skull fracture and is under observation in intensive care. 

“This morning she came to see her cousins and they wanted to play together,” says Youfang.

“I saw them playing with a doll and so I went back to do the dishes. I did not expect something to go wrong.”

The children love to climb on the electric overhead doors, according to a neighbor.

When the doors are switched on, they are able to carry the weight of an adult.

Family members believe the switch was accidentally turned on when the children got caught in the mechanism.

Local authorities are currently investigating the event.

Sources: Daily Mail, People’s Daily / Photo credit: People’s Daily, Daily Mail

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