Toddler Rushed To Hospital After Swallowing 'Life' Star Of David Pendant


A 22-month-old Israeli girl almost died on Friday night after she swallowed a Star of David pendant with the Hebrew word for “life” on it.

Doctors were able to save Tali Aseraf after she swallowed the piece of jewelry, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Her parents first noticed something was wrong when Tali began coughing and choking. The child’s mother, Sharon, then discovered she had swallowed a pendant. She contacted emergency medial services who informed her on how to stabilize her daughter until they arrived.

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(via Kaplan Medical Center)

Tali was taken to the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovat, Israel, where doctors took an X-ray. It revealed a Star of David pendant with the Hebrew word for “life” in her throat.

Doctors removed the pendant with forceps while the girl was sedated.

“We were glad that no holes were caused to the esophagus and nearby organs,” said Dr. Udi Katzanel, who headed the operation, “because these could have been life-threatening.”

(via Kaplan Hospital)

“I want to thank the Creator of the Universe for his endless mercy,” said the mother, “and for sending the team of angels in white from Kaplan Hospital," the mother said, according to Arutz Sheva 7.

Ear, nose and throat specialists at the hospital warn parents that if their child begins choking and developing a fever, they should contact emergency medical services.

“But to prevent it,” they said, “keep small objects out of reach of young children.”

Source: JPost, IsraelNationalNews

​Photo Credit: Kaplan Medical Center via IsraelNationalNews, totpi.com


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