'Everyone Was Shocked': Woman Bites Rapist's Penis Off


A young woman in Lagos, Nigeria, bit off her boyfriend’s penis after he attempted to rape her.

The girl met the man a few days earlier, and went with him to his friend’s residence on the night of the attack, Pulse reports. The man was under the impression that he would have sex with the girl, but when she refused, he attempted to rape her.

Before he could, however, the woman managed to bite off the head of his penis.

“The girl's clothes had been torn and she had blood on them and then she was given a cloth to cover herself. But when the guy came out with blood on his body, everyone was shocked and that's when we knew the girl bit off his penis and this was done with her teeth,” a witness described, according to Uncova.

“The guy was taken to the hospital but when they got to the hospital, they realized that the other part was no longer there," the witness added.

When emergency workers returned to the home to look for the missing part, they discovered that it was already "dead" and therefore unable to be reattached. The wound was stitched up, and the attacker remains in the hospital. 

Sources: Pulse, Uncova

Photo Credit: pulse.ng, uncova.com


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