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Girl Asks Photo Editors From 21 Countries To Make Her Beautiful, Is Surprised By The Results (Photos)

A Colombian-American plus-sized model asked 21 magazine editors from all over the world to use Photoshop to alter her pictures so that they are in line with their country’s standard of beauty, and the results are surprising.

Maria Southard Ospina, a Colombian-American plus-sized model, decided to reach out to 21 Photoshop experts in different countries to have them alter her photos so that they met their country’s idea of beauty, and out of all the different places, three countries chose to drastically alter her weight.

The countries that chose to change the model’s weight were Ukraine, Latvia and Mexico, and of all of the nations, Iceland refused to alter the photo at all, with that editor saying he doesn’t “believe in altering a person’s natural beauty.”

The American editor didn’t drastically change the model’s weight, but he did give her a longer, thinner face and darken her hair. Sri-Lanka’s editor made noticeable changes, including softening the appearance of her face and making her cheeks look rosy.

The original:

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United States:

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All in all, Ospina found the project to be revealing in many ways and telling of how different cultures perceive beauty.

“Ultimately, there was far less body snark and unspoken body shaming through these photo edits than I first assumed there would be,” Ospina wrote in a blog about the experience. “I won’t assume that all of the photographers are as pro-plus-size as I am, but maybe natural beauty is making a comeback. And I, for one, would be greatly pleased if this was the case. Not because putting on makeup or doing my hair is that much of a hassle. But because I’ve always wanted to live in a society in which freckles and moles and double chins and natural wrinkles were embraced, rather than hidden away and caked in foundation.”

Check out all of the edited photos here.

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