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Little Girl, 4, Speaks Seven Different Languages (Video)

Four-year-old Bella Devyatkina recently spoke seven different languages on "Amazing People," a Russian TV talent show (video below).

Bella wowed the audience by conversing in Russian with the host, and then talking to six different adults who spoke French, Arabic, German, English, Spanish and Chinese, reports

The different languages were signified by the adults' T-shirts. It wasn't just small talk either. They asked the tiny girl questions, and she answered.

Evgeny, one of the talent show judges, said: "When I saw what I’ve just seen, I understood how stupid I am," notes

The child genius was interviewed by RT Espanol in Moscow, and showed off her linguistic skills which span three very different groups: Indo-European, Semitic and Sino-Tibetan.

Amazingly, Bella won't start school for three years as Russian schools begin at age seven.

The tyke's mom, Yulia, said that she and her husband began teaching their child Russian and English at home at age two. The couple added more languages, and eventually had their daughter learn foreign languages from tutors.

Some observers have criticized Yulia for allegedly taking away her daughter's childhood years, but neuropsychologist Anna Semenovich told KP Daily:

If the girl is learning languages through curiosity, if her parents managed to build a schedule that works as a game -- it will only benefit her. She’s not studying, she’s playing! ...

In pre-revolutionary Russia, if a child from a noble family couldn’t speak three-four languages by the age of five or six, it was a shame to take him out. Then in school Latin and ancient Greek were added to those. So five-six languages were a standard package for an educated youth back in 19th-century Russia.

The Daily Mail quoted a linguist and language expert as saying: "Such cases are rare, but have happened in the past. Language centers in the human brain get switched on at different stages of development."

Bella's dream is to become a mermaid like the Disney character Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Russia-1 via YouTube

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