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Teenage Girl Dies After Being Tossed From Ride (Video)

A 13-year-old girl, Gan Tian, died after she was flung off the "Travel Through Space" ride at the Zhaohua Cultural Park in Chongqing, China, on Feb. 3 (video below).

The national product safety regulator said on Feb. 4 that an investigation found that the teenager's seat belt broke and the passenger bar did not hold her tightly enough, notes The Associated Press.

A cellphone video of the tragedy shows the girl desperately hanging on as the ride tosses her around. Moments later, she is violently flung off the ride and apparently hits a security railing, which appeared to be damaged by the force of her body.

Gan’s father agreed to accept $127,000 from the amusement park as compensation for the death of his child, reports CGTN.

"There were quite a lot of people using these rides," an unidentified witness told a journalist from The Cover. "Soon after the ride set off, a girl was thrown out from her seat. She attempted to seize the handrail, but failed."

The ride's seats go forwards and backwards, and spin around 360 degrees.

The park workers allowed Gan and her 9-year-old cousin on the ride, even though the park regulations don't allow kids under 12 years old and under 3 feet and 9 inches on the ride.

The ride reportedly passed a quality inspection on Dec. 12, 2016, but the Chongqing Municipality Special Equipment Supervision Department's website noted that the ride's last inspection was dated Nov. 4, 2013.

The State Administration for Quality Supervision said the same ride has been closed in 18 Chinese amusement parks. An investigation is taking place.

Five teens were injured in September 2016 when they flew off an amusement park ride near Ayr, Scotland.

Dylan Ross, 16, recalled the horrific incident to The Sun:

I was on the ride and it was bouncing. A cart flew back and we fell off it, we both fell into the middle. We were waiting 20 minutes for the emergency services. I think I’ve got whiplash, one boy's neck was cut and he was bleeding out.

I wouldn’t have thought this could have happened. I was terrified. It was still bouncing and took about three minutes to stop. Loads of folk were on it and it was going way faster than usual. People were screaming "get me off."


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