Giant Sinkhole In China Swallows Four Cars (Video)


Four cars were swallowed up by a giant sinkhole in Ruijin City, China, on May 21 (video below).

No one was injured, but the automobiles, along with some trees, disappeared down the hole that was about 9 feet deep and almost 17 feet wide, notes

One car landed on its roof, while another car was vertical. Fortunately, police arrived on the scene and directed traffic away from the hole.

It took a few hours for firefighters to lift the cars out of the sinkhole with a crane.

"I was having lunch at the other side of the road when I saw the tree was sinking slowly," one witness said, according to "All of a sudden, the road subsided, and all the cars, including mine, fell into the hole. Then I called the police, and firefighters arrived after a while."

It's not clear what exactly caused the sinkhole, but some have said it is urban development or poor infrastructure construction, reports Australia's 7 News.

CCTV News originally posted the video on its Facebook page where it has over 425,000 views as of May 24; commenters added their two cents:

"Stop being a--holes! I never hear people say it's because it was 'made in the USA' when we have sinkholes in our country."

"Bad quality! That's what it is! [I am] not surprised that even their roads are like this. It happens a lot with almost everything made in [C]hina; escalators and elevators and now their roads. They should do it like how the Japanese does it, fast but comes with a very good quality."

"This is a good example of poor quality material used to build roads. Im surprised that such things also happen in China."

"China is going down...they [don't] care about their [environment] and well being..[it's] all about the money..."

"You should really care more about quality, since you won the race in quantity of sold products. Friendly advice."

"Simply made in China...even roads!"

Sources: 7 News via, CCTV News/Facebook / Photo Credit: CCTV News/YouTube

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