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Giant Inflatable Minion Blocks Traffic In Ireland (Video)

A giant inflatable Minion caused traffic problems when it blocked a road in Dublin, Ireland, today (video below).

The animated character was an estimated 40-feet tall. Police and bystanders deflated the Minion to allow cars to pass.

"We were driving down to the shopping center and we saw the giant balloon coming towards us," Erin Van Londen, a witness, told

Van Londen recalled how she and her boyfriend had seen the inflatable character at a carnival yesterday.

"So today when we saw it, we thought ‘Oh wait, it must have toppled over,'" Van Londen added.

Van Londen hasn't seen the "Minions" movie, but is aware of the Hollywood summer blockbuster.

"Nobody was injured so everyone seems to have had a bit of fun from it," Van Londen stated.

However, Dublin City Council member Paul McCauliffe has called for an investigation into the Minion incident.

“I have asked the Council to provide me with a report on the incident and for the operators of the fairground to be interviewed by council officials,” McCauliffe told

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