Fisherman Thinks He Caught A Salmon -- And Then This Happens (Video)


In dramatic new footage, Canadian man Thomas Tran reels in a giant 20 lb Chinook salmon off the coast of Canada. As he reels the fish in, however, another bigger fish snatches it off the hook (video below).

The clip is only 35 seconds long, but it captures the incredible moment of action. As the salmon thrashes on the surface of the water, it attracts the larger fish. The bigger fish then easily chomps down on the salmon and retreats into the water’s depths.

Tran’s line is probably snapped off in the process.

Some have speculated that the fish is a sturgeon, which are commonly found in Canada. Sturgeon often feed off of other fish and can grow to astronomical sizes, Daily Mail reports. One of the largest sturgeons ever caught in Canada was measured 13 feet long and weighed half a ton.

Sources: Right Wing News, Daily Mail via Colorado News Day / Photo Credit: Video Screenshot

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