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Baby Monitor Captures Odd, Mysterious White Light Hovering Over Girl (Video)

A British couple say they are “completely freaked out” after capturing footage of a strange misty light hovering over their baby’s crib (video below).

The recording comes from a baby monitor. Jonathan Murphy, 32, and Victoria Snowdon, 22, watched the footage several times and still have no idea what the mysterious light is or where it came from.

Murphy told the Mirror he was checking on his 8-week-old daughter, Rosie, when he noticed a white light. The light can be seen in the video, hovering over the baby before it takes the shape of what appears to be a hand and lunges toward the camera.

"The first thing I thought was 'is that a ghost?’” Murphy wondered. "I know it seems like a joke, but it's inexplicable. We still don't know what it could be.

"No cars were passing by and we keep the room dark."

Murphy went downstairs to show the footage to Snowdon. When he went back upstairs, the light was still there.

"It must have lasted about a minute to a minute-and-a-half in total," Murphy said.

The betting shop manager said he and his partner were “completely freaked out” by what they had seen.

"Victoria was reluctant to let me take the baby back upstairs again," he said. "She was even more worried by it than me."

Murphy said the mysterious light has not returned to their County Durham home since the incident. Snowdon added that she’d never seen anything quite like it before.

"Wish I'd got my camera on quicker (because) it was there before he even went in the room so it couldn't have been a reflection or anything!” she said. "(I’ve) never believed in ghosts or anything ... Just have no idea what it could be! Bit creeped out!"

Sources: Mirror, Metro / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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