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Some German Cafes Ban Pork Because Of Muslim Refugees

Some cafes, child care centers and schools are reportedly no longer serving pork products because they do not want to offend Muslims migrants in the country.

Daniel Gunther, the Christian Democratic Union parliamentary group leader of Schleswig-Holstein, wants those places to serve pork.

"The protection of minorities -- including for religious reasons -- must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration," Gunther told the German newspaper Lubecker Nachrichten.

Gunther added that tolerance also means "the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles."

"The consumption of pork belongs to our culture," Gunther insisted. “No one should be obliged to do so. But we also don't want the majority having to refrain from pork."

The CDU Schleswig-Holstein division decided to introduce a proposal to keep pork on menus.

The proposal was mocked on Twitter users who employed the hashtag #schweinefleischpflicht, which translated, means "pork duty," notes Deutsche Welle: "Now we finally know what the CDU meant with dominant culture."

"Next the CDU in Schleswig-Holstein will be demanding #potatoduty. Away with rice and spaghetti from German cafeterias … #porkduty"

"In case of emergency, there's force-feeding via ground pork infusion? #porkduty"

"#VeggieDay was patronizing, but #porkduty is simply our way of life. #Poor Germany"

"#VeggieDay was a rubbish idea, but at least it made ecological sense … and what noble purpose does #porkduty serve?"

Gunther did not relent, and said in the state parliament in Kiel: "More and more canteens, kindergartens and schools are taking pork out of their menus so as to cater for religious custom," reports The Local.

"We insist on a healthy and balanced diet," Gunther added. "In our culture, eating pork is a part of that."

The SPD-Green party pushed back the proposal.

"I see no need for the state to act," state agriculture minister Robert Habeck stated. "I don't share the idea of abrogating our constitutional rights in favor of the duty to eat chops or mince."

Sources: Deutsche Welle, The Local / Photo credit: penny/Flickr

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