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Report: German Twins Die Fighting For ISIS In Iraq

German twin brothers who joined ISIS earlier this year have died in action. 

One of the brothers, known under his Islamic name Abū Mus’ab al-Almānī, died when he exploded his vehicle in a mission against the 4th Regiment of the Iraqi army in Baghdad, Iraq, according to ISIS’s online magazine Dabiq.

“The gate was opened and the istishhādī brother Abū Mus’ab al-Almānī and Abu Hamzah ash-Shami entered the base driving an explosives-laden armored military vehicle carrying 7 tons of highly explosive substances," the publication reports. "His mission was to target and destroy the base’s command center. He entered and detonated his explosive vehicle, completely destroying the command center building."

The attack was successful in completely destroying the regiment base, claiming the lives of dozens of Safawī soldiers and officers, according to the magazine.

The other twin brother died in a separate suicide bombing, Local reports. The twins were 25 years old.

Both brothers had recently converted to Islam and it is unclear when they traveled to Syria to join ISIS, or whether the German authorities were watching their movements.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said in March that around 650 Germans had traveled to Iraq and Syria with the intention of fighting for the terrorist organization.

Sources: The Local, Dabiq

Photo Source: The Local,


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