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German Mayor Suggests Young Girls Stop 'Provoking' Sexual Assault By Refugees (Video)

Although much of the media’s focus has drifted elsewhere, Syrian migrants continue to filter into cities and refugee camps around Europe, including the small town of Bad Schlema, Germany, which hosts 85 refugees.

Some of the 5,500 residents have claimed the refugees are harassing young girls on their way to school. 

A man whose granddaughter is under the age of 10 asked Mayor Jens Muller at a town hall meeting in January what would happen over the summer, when the girls would be wearing less clothing (video below).

“That’s easy,” Muller said. “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The suggestion was not well-received by the audience of roughly 100 people.

“You're not allowed to walk in your own city anymore,” one man yelled. "Oh, boy! In your own city! ... Go home, boy. Who the hell elected you?

"[The migrants] come here, and we're not allowed to walk here anymore! ... You've got some nerve."

"What kind of mayor is this?" a woman asked. "He should step down!"

“Well, it’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there,” Muller said. "There are alternative routes for going to school."

The mayor's comments come in the wake of waning support of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her immigration policy, RT reports. Prior to the meeting, about 100 demonstrators protested outside the building with signs that read, "Merkel must go."

Sources: RT,, YouTube / Photo credit: UK Department for International Development/Flickr

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