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German Sports Center Bans All Migrants Following Girl's Alleged Sexual Assault

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A German sports center banned all migrants in early January. The sports complex in Bornheim is the first such organization to ban migrants, and follows the sexual assault of a schoolgirl by Syrian teenagers at the complex's public swimming pool, reports the Daily Mail. 

Three Syrian boys under the age of 15 have been arrested in connection with the attack at the center earlier in January. Two other people were also arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack.

The Syrian boys were not held in custody, and will be prosecuted according to Germany’s juvenile law. 

The boys allegedly groped a 17-year-old girl in the public pool, and assaulted her 14-year old sister after she came to her defense. The two girls escaped from the pool and call a lifeguard, who contacted police.

The ban comes as Germany attempts to handle other alleged sex crimes committed by asylum-seekers. An attempted sexual assault committed by a refugee occurred in the city of Bornheim days before the sports center’s ban. 

Deputy Mayor and Social Affairs Councilor of Bornheim Markus Schnapka said that the ban followed an emergency meeting of locals.

“At the public meeting, I made it quite clear that it was an extremely difficult decision and it’s clear that many innocent refugees are also affected by this.” 

Germans are taking measures to bolster self-defense following the Bornheim sexual assaults and the New Year's Eve assaults in Cologne.  Germans have submitted 73 applications for air guns this year, compared to 100 in all of 2014, and pepper spray demand is high, reports the Express. 

Germans have faced numerous sexual assault outbreaks in recent months, as 430 people have reported being sexually assaulted in the city of Cologne on New Year's Eve. German investigators said that the majority of suspects are of North African or Arab origin. 

German authorities are offering an almost $11,000 reward for information leading to the identification or capture of suspects of sexual assault. 

Sources: Express, Daily Mail / Photo credit: West Point/Flickr

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