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German Lawmaker Addresses 60 Genders (Video)

A conservative politician in Brandenburg, Germany, recently voted against a gender diversity bill, but before announcing his vote, he addressed 60 different genders (video below).

The bill, proposed by the Green Party, was to "campaign for acceptance of gender and sexual diversity, self-determination, and against homo- and trans-phobia," and "give equal rights and societal equality for LGBTTQQ [lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, two-spirit, queer, questioning] people in Brandenburg," notes

Steffen Koniger, of Alternative for Germany (AfD), began his remarks with:

Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. Dear homosexuals, dear lesbians, dear androgynes, dear bi-genders, dear female-to-males, dear male-to-females, dear gender variables, dear gender-queers, dear intersexuals, dear 'neither'-genders, dear asexuals, dear non-binaries, dear pan-genders and pansexuals, dear trans-males and trans men, dear trans-females and trans women, dear trans-humans, dear trans-with-* [gender star], dear trans*females and trans*women, dear trans*males and trans*men...

At one point the Brandenburg parliament president tried to ask a question, but Koniger replied, "I'm not done with my introduction yet."

Eventually, Koniger said, "The AfD party rejects your proposal. Thank you."

On the Facebook page, RT Play, some commentators seem to get the sarcastic speech, while others took it seriously:

Good on him. Hopefully people understand how rediculous this crap is now.

That's how every single political speech will start from now on....

Hitler will be spinning in his grave to see the Germany of today.

Hmm, these Germans were supposed to be Arians with virtues and supreme characteristics?"

Germany five years from now...'Dear pedophiles.'

he's opposing an equality bill, watch till the end, ultimate troll.

When will the content of biology classes be adjusted....?

lol .., that is good one. At least he is sending clear message how all those 'gender' issues went overboard.

The next step is to remove all gender related titles. Watch and see.

Dear bearers of the XX or XY chromosomes which you were all born with, live with and will die with no matter what medical procedures, injections or operations you undergo, which clothes you wear, who you would like to fool (including yourselves)...

Sources:, RT Play/Facebook / Photo credit: RT Play via YouTube

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