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German Migrants To Hungary Clash With Muslims

Many Germans are reportedly leaving their country to move to "cheap, Muslim-free" Hungary.

Real estate agent Ottar Heide recently told ZDF Heute, a German TV news show, that 80 percent of his buyers have moved to Lake Balaton, Hungary, because German Chancellor Angela Merkel's immigration policies have allowed in too many migrants, notes Hungary Today.

"People say they’ve had enough of things getting worse and worse in Germany," Heide said. "And they hail [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban's policies."

Heide added that Orban had secured Hungary with a border fence that keeps out "Muslims, intruders and economic migrants."

An unidentified property seller at Lake Balaton stated: "We are Christians. We don’t want Muslim neighbors. They have a different culture and are aggressive. And this we can’t accept."

The report by ZDF Heute implied that Orban sees Hungary as a counter to Europe's "immigrant societies" and is "Muslim-free."

ZDF Heute estimates that about 30,000 Germans live near Lake Balaton.

Bayerische Rundfunk (BR), Germany's public TV network, aired a report in May that said Germans were likely moving to Lake Balaton because the German government was allowing in an excessive number of migrants, noted Hungary Today.

BR's broadcast said that Germans liked the weather and low-cost living, how most Hungarians are of the Christian faith and that "there are hardly any migrants" (except the Germans themselves).

Real estate agents told BR that German buyers had increased since September 2015.

BR noted that while Germans like Hungary's "right-wing conservative governmental policies," there are Hungarians who are leaving their country because of economic issues and political opposition to those same policies that left "thousands of refugees stranded in inhumane conditions in the heart of the Hungarian capital."

Sources: Hungary Today, (2) / Photo credit: Ggia/Wikimedia

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