Gay-Themed Traffic Signals To Return To Austrian City (Video)


Gay-themed pedestrian traffic signals will be returning to Linz, Austria, thanks to the city council's recent vote over the objections of Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) members (video below).

"Traffic lights are for traffic and should not be misused to impart advice on how to live your life," said Markus Hein, the city’s traffic official and member of FPO, reported

The gay-themed traffic lights show two men or two women holding hands with a heart symbol. The lights tell pedestrians when they can cross the street.

Stefan Thuma, of HOSI, a gay advocacy organization, applauded the return of the traffic lights and said that the city's prior ridding of the lights gained “international attention and was an embarrassing spectacle," according to

There were efforts to rid Vienna, Austria, of its gay-themed traffic lights in 2015, reported CBS News.

The lights were supposed to be removed in June 2015 after some pro-gay events, but the lights remained because Vienna Councilwoman Maria Vassilakou said the lights had gained some local fame.

The FPO threatened to file a criminal complaint against Vassilakou for allegedly violating traffic laws and wasting $70,000 of taxpayer funds.

According to the dpa news agency, the city council in Munich, Germany, voted in 2015 to install its own gay-themed traffic lights in 2015 based on the Vienna lights, noted CBS News.

Sources:,CBS News / Photo credit: via YouTube Screenshot

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