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Gang Rape Victim Says Attackers Raped Her Again

After she was found unconscious on July 13, a woman in India now alleges the same five men who gang-raped her in 2013 have assaulted her again.

The victim’s brother now argues justice was not served because the victim is of a lower caste -- Dali -- than the accused, the Daily Mail reports.

He says the police reportedly did not offer his family adequate protection, either, The Hindustan Times reports.

“It seems they can do whatever they want,” he said, adding that he believes this was a revenge attack.

“We had filed a case in the court for the arrest of the remaining three and re-arrest of the two out on bail,” he said. “We were getting constant threats from the accused to reach a compromise outside the court, but we remained firm. That’s why they have attacked her again.”

The unidentified woman was found unconscious and wearing torn clothes on a roadside July 13.

When questioned, she revealed she was on her way home from college when the same rapists from 2013 kidnapped, drugged and assaulted her again.

The accused men -- known as Amit, Mausam, Raju, Akash and Sandeep -- are reportedly now on the run.

“We have raided their houses, but they are on the run. I can’t reveal more right now,” said deputy superintendent of police Pushpa Khatri.

Since the fatal gang rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey in 2012, India has received worldwide condemnation for its high rate of violent crimes against women.

The case attracted global attention and led to some legal reforms, as well as the arrest of Pandey’s rapists.

Still, rape rates have continued to remain high, Bustle reports.

"Laws alone cannot bring lasting change. Society needs to change their patriarchal attitude towards women," explains Kamla Bhasin, an advisor at Sangat, a South Asian feminist network based in Delhi.

However, statistics reveal rape is not just a problem in India.

In 2010, a U.N. Crime Trends Survey ranked America first in the number of reported rapes, with India coming in at number 3.

Sources: The Daily MailThe Hindustan TimesBustle / Photo credit: Ramesh_Lalwani/Flickr via Wikipedia

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