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Gang Of Men Drug And Rape Woman, Leave Her With Surprise 'Gift'

Gang Of Men Drug And Rape Woman, Leave Her With Surprise 'Gift' Promo Image

A mother spoke out after allegedly being kidnapped and attacked by a group of men. 

Chelsey Wright, a mother of three, told Police Hour that in September 2016, she was out with her mother and a friend when she found herself separated from them after several hours of bar hopping. The next thing she remembered, Wright was "waking up in a strange house with no memory" of how she arrived there. She also woke up next to a man she didn't know.

Wright told the site that she tried to leave the house but was restrained. 

"My head was pinned against the door," she said. The door was locked and she was kept in a room with several men. 

"You're not getting out," one of them reportedly said with a laugh. Wright claimed that she was then kicked down a flight of stairs and then dragged back up by her hair. She was then pinned against a wall before finally managing to escape and run out of the home. 

The woman made it to her uncle's house, and he ultimately drove her to her mother's place. She then returned home to her fiance and three sons, where she found she had several unexplained bumps and bruises. Wright contacted a sexual assault center after realizing that she had been unconscious for several hours, and DNA tests ultimately found that she was raped.

While waiting for test results to come back, police raided the home Wright escaped from and arrested six migrants, though the men were ultimately released. 

Weeks later, test results finally came through and allegedly showed DNA and sperm left from multiple men. 

Many readers expressed their outrage over the woman's ordeal, and the fact that the suspects were released.

"Sad thing is it's NEVER on the news they hush it up coz they don't want us to know but they forget about social media !!! If this was a group of white men it would be all over the news I guarantee it !!! It's disgusting that they say it's a cultural thing !!! It's not in this country or raping young kids !!! Needs to be stopped but this country to scared of the Muslims !!! Soon there will be groups taking matters into their own hands coz our government is to scared !!! God help the Muslims then," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"This is so horrific! The people in our country who think this is okay need their heads examined! Would these Marchers for Women like this to happen to them? But they would blame it on President Trump if it did!" another added. 


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