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Dead Man Orders Strippers For His Own Funeral

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We all know they do things differently in China, but sometimes we just aren't aware of how different. 

A growing trend in China is for bikini-clad strippers to attend funerals and dance beside the coffin, in what you might say is an attempt at putting the word "fun," back into funeral, the Mirror reports.  

The number of attendees at a person's funeral is seen as a status symbol in China and Taiwan, so many on their deathbeds order strippers so more mourners will show up to the funeral. Even in death, status is important.  

But Chinese authorities are clamping down on the practice, with the country's Ministry of Culture releasing a statement saying the practice distorted the "cultural value of the entertainment business." 

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The organizers and performers from two funerals have apparently been "punished." 

But China isn't the only country with interesting funeral trends. The city of New Orleans has its own tradition, with several dead bodies being posed so they stand or sit during the service.  

It started in 2012, when Lionel Batiste, a local jazz musician, refused to have people standing over him at his funeral.  So, he ordered the funeral home to prop his body upright, leaning on a lamp post, so he could essentially host his own funeral.

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And one company is now offering grieving families a new way to remember their loved ones -- by creating 3D printed urns modeled on the deceased's face.

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The urns from Cremation Solutions are the same size as a person's head, and the loved one's face can be placed on a miniature superhero, if the family requests.  

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CNET reports that the urn comes in two sizes: A $2,600 full-size version that holds all of an adult's ashes, or a $600 keepsake that holds a portion of the ashes. Both models come with a marble base for stability.

Sources: Mirror, CNET / Photo credit: Mirror

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