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French Woman Searches For The Father Of Her Unborn Child Online

A French woman is using the Internet to find and hopefully reunite with her lover and the father of her unborn child. Many skeptics have responded to her about her story, but she has defended herself.

Natalie Amyot posted a video to Facebook and YouTube on Sunday, claiming that six weeks after having a one-night stand with a man while on vacation in Australia, she returned home to discover she was pregnant. She made the video to try to find the "really cute" man she spent a "beautiful night" with.

Amyot said that she used all of her money to fly back to Australia and find the man; she added that she only has three days to find him before she heads home.

Immediately, the video drew skepticism from some viewers, asking why she doesn't even know the name of the man she is searching for, The Independent reported.

The video made national news, and people have asked Amyot to name the man who got her pregnant. She says she had his number saved in her phone, but she lost her phone, according to the Daily Mail.

In the days after the video was uploaded, it was viewed more than 50,000 times. Amyot has questioned the decision to use the Internet to find the father of her baby.

"If you all want to try and think this fake ill delete all pages and go home. then be proud as you bullied a mum and baby and father away ... if thats what you want ill go home [tomorrow] ...but how can you hate me so much for wanting to find him.. (sic),” Amyot wrote.

However, Amyot's Facebook account disappeared, and only a 'Public Figure' page remained, according to The Independent. The mystery of Amyot's alleged story continues.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Independent

Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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