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French Jewish Politician Found Stabbed

French Jewish politician Alain Ghozland, 73, was found dead in his apartment on Jan. 12 with what appeared to be multiple stab wounds. Breitbart cited French newspaper Le Figaro reporting that police suspect his apartment was broken into.

Ghozland, who was born in Algeria, was a municipal council member in the Creteil suburb outside Paris. He was described by the Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France as a "prominent leader of the local Jewish community."

Early reports suspect his death was a murder, but police have yet to name a suspect or announce a lead, Haaretz reported, citing L'Express. French judicial sources have said an autopsy will be performed to determine Ghozland's time of death. His car was also reportedly missing.

Ghozland's body was found by his brother, who began to look for him after he didn't see him at synagogue on Jan. 11, as he usually went every morning.

The politician's family is reportedly concerned the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism. The murder is the most recent in a trend of crime against Jews in France, reports Breitbart.

In December 2014, a Jewish couple in Creteil  were robbed and raped, and they said the robbers targeted them because they were Jewish. In February 2015, an Islamic gunman targeted Jewish customers at a kosher supermarket in Paris, killing four French Jews and wounding others. In 2012, three Jewish children and their teacher were among seven people killed by a French Muslim man in Toulouse.

More French Jews left France for Israel in 2015, an estimated 8,000 to 2014's 7,000. Anti-Semitism is cited as one of the main reasons for the emigration, according to Breitbart.

"People are upset. They do not know what to think and ask a lot of questions," one of Ghozland's relatives said.

Source: Haaretz, Breitbart  / Photo credit: Alain Ghozland/Facebook

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