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4-Month-Old Rescued In Nepal After 22 Hours Under Rubble (Photos)

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A baby in Nepal was rescued after spending 22 hours underneath rubble that accumulated as a result of the devastating earthquake that has killed more than 5,000 people.

According to reports, a Nepali military team in the town of Bhaktapur initially missed the 4-month-old baby, but discovered the child later after hearing his cries from underneath the rubble. The miraculous rescue occurred 22 hours after the horrific quake destroyed much of Nepal on April 25.

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Images of the baby surfaced online, showing him covered in dust just after being pulled from the dangerous wreckage of the disaster. The boy, named Sonit Awal, is reportedly in stable condition and suffered no internal injuries.

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Other people were reported alive after being pulled from rubble, including a man that was found alive after being trapped for 80 hours.

Officials said the man’s rescue was unusual, as most people in similar situations typically don’t survive for longer than 72 hours. “It seems he survived by sheer willpower,” Dr. Akhilesh Shrestha said of the man’s unbelievable survival story.

Sources: Fox 8, The Independent

Photo Credit: KathmanduToday Via Fox 8, the Independent


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