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Former Australian Beauty Queen: Police Disfigured Face With Grenade

Felicia Djamirze, a former Miss Australia International and Miss Tourism Queen Australia, says she suffered third-degree burns when police raided the home she shares with her boyfriend in Susan River, Australia, in early February.

Djamirze says she was in a bedroom with Dean O'Donnell when police officers tossed in "flash" grenades, one of which blew up in her face, notes the Daily Mail.

According to Djamirze, who was still hospitalized as of Feb. 15, she could lose the sight in her right eye, and has already undergone two surgeries on her "melted" hand.

The Queensland Police said in a statement they raided several homes in the area, and recovered drugs and weapons. Djamirze was charged with drug trafficking, while O'Donnell was charged with drugs and weapons crimes.

Djamirze has denied the charges, and her lawyer, Chris Ford, said that paramedics did not arrive until 40 minutes after the incident.

"The police treated this like a military operation which was entirely unnecessary," Ford told Daily Mail Australia.

"There was a high level of both physical and electronic surveillance," Ford added. "The police must have known my client was sleeping in a confined area when they tossed the stun grenade into her bedroom."

The Queensland Police initially refused to comment on the incident, but unidentified sources linked to law enforcement later told The Courier Mail that Djamirze and O'Donnell had been observed on hidden cameras snorting “coke.”

The sources told The Courier Mail that Djamirze allegedly told her boyfriend, "Don’t be dropping coke on the floor or the dogs will lick it up or snort it."

The newspaper reports that police will claim O’Donnell was followed to an unidentified location where he photographed a handgun and a shotgun that were stored there. O’Donnell has reportedly been convicted in the past for illegal possession of firearms.

The police are said to have had safety concerns because of O’Donnell’s history with firearms, and will claim that O’Donnell and Djamirze talked about drug dealing and laundering drug money.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Courier Mail / Photo credit: Felicia Djamirze/Facebook

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