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Enemies In Colombian Civil War Pose For Magazine Cover As Politicians Discuss Peace Agreement (Photos)

A former member of the guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and a former police detective, who were on opposite sides in Colombia’s decades-long civil war, have appeared together naked on the cover of a magazine to promote peace.

Former FARC member Ana Pacheco and ex-detective Isabel Londono were asked to do the cover shoot by Soho magazine, Daily Mail reported.

“At first I was surprised when they asked me to pose with hardly any clothes on with a guerrilla, but I liked the message and we in Colombia are so used to strong images that we needed to do something shocking to reach the people and show them there is a way to peace,” Londono said, according to Daily Mail.

The FARC, which has also been involved in drug trafficking, and the Colombian government have been negotiating a peace deal for the past three years, and politicians are currently debating plans to hold a referendum in 2016 to enable the population to express their views on the agreement, according to Columbia Reports. President Juan Manuel Santos said Nov. 12 that the country will likely vote on the peace agreement in May or June 2016.

“It's been very important for my life, the image is about being at peace, and what's more beautiful than two women from the opposite sides doing it,” Pacheco told a local radio station, according to Daily Mail.

“It's time to ask for forgiveness from those I hurt during my time as a guerrilla,” she added.

Having given up her former career, Pacheco has now signed a contract with a popular department store as a catalogue model.

“My husband has been really supportive about this career path," Pacheco said. "Ever since I saw a television I knew that this was my dream, to model or act and finally it has come true."

Here are two photos from Pacheco and Londono's photo shoot, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Image placeholder title

(Ana Pacheco (left) and Isabel Londono)

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(Cover of Soho magazine. Isabel Londono (left) and Ana Pacheco)

Disagreements still exist in Colombia over how the peace agreement should be implemented. The FARC and the conservative opposition have urged the establishment of a constituent assembly, which would have powers to make wide-ranging changes to Colombia’s constitution, Columbia Reports notes. The government opposes this proposal.

Others are critical of the peace process. Former President Alvaro Uribe has expressed doubts about the referendum.

“it covers all topics in one and Colombians have no other option than to say yes or no. A Colombian who says I am with peace but not with impunity, is not allowed to speak out,” Uribe said, according to Colombia Reports.

The referendum bill is due to be debated in the senate during the week of Nov. 16.

Sources: Daily Mail, Colombia Reports / Photo credit: Julian Ortega Martinez/Flickr, supersonicstickman/Flickr

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