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Pedophile Arrested For Abducting, Dismembering Boy

Pedophile Arrested For Abducting, Dismembering Boy  Promo Image

A man in Russia has been arrested for murdering and dismembering a 10-year-old boy.

Alexander Georgievskiy allegedly abducted Ruslan Korolev at a railway station in the town of Ortadnoe, 25 miles from St. Petersburg, reports the Daily Mail.

Ruslan reportedly enjoyed "train hopping" and was waiting to climb on top of the next train and take a ride on the roof.

Georgievskiy followed the boy to the platform, engaged him in conversation, then invited him back to his apartment for sweets, reports indicate.

A surveillance camera recorded them walking to a local shop where the man bought cakes and vodka.

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He is then seen leading the boy back to his apartment, where he allegedly got drunk and attempted to rape the child.

When the terrified 10-year-old resisted, Georgievskiy reportedly became enraged.

"After that [Georgievskiy] strangled and dismembered the boy," police spokeswoman Anastasia Gluschenko told local media. "Then he hid the boy's body parts in different places around the local area and in St Petersburg."

In October, the boy's family reported him missing, and the police initially treated it as a missing person case. 

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But after they began finding body parts scattered around town, it turned into a murder investigation.

Georgievskiy was arrested on Dec. 21 after he was identified on the surveillance video. He was charged with Ruslan's murder after confessing and revealing where he had hidden the rest of the remains. 

A police spokesman said Georgievskiy is also a suspect in the disappearance of a 6-year-old boy who went missing six years earlier.

Child abuse in Russia has increased dramatically in the post-Soviet era, says international public health authority Dr. Cesar Chelala, writing in Counterpunch.

Sexual abuse of children in Russia takes several forms, he explains. 

Russian children are used in pornographic movies and magazines, exploited as prostitutes, and trafficked to other countries.

Citing the Russian National Consultation on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Chelala says Russia is one of the main producers of child pornography in the world.

The most common victims are street children or children from impoverished families, he adds.

In October 2011, the Russian parliament approved a law on pedophilia. Under the law, those found guilty of sex crimes against children under 14 will face chemical castration, and repeat sex offenders will face a life sentence.

In the case of Georgievskiy, the Daily Mail observes that he can be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. Whether or not he is set to be castrated was not reported.

Sources: Daily MailCounterpunch / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Daily Mail

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