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Foodies Praise McDonald's After Being Told It's Organic Food (Video)

YouTube pranksters, who call themselves "Lifehunters," served McDonald's treats to food experts at the annual Benelux food convention in Houten, Netherlands, in October 2014 (video below).

While the video is a year old, it's entertaining to watch the foodies eat what the pranksters tell them are organic snacks, reports

NPR noted the food experts were served bite-size muffins, burgers and nuggets on a serving tray.

Some of the comments from the foodies included:

"Yeah, it definitely tastes fresh."

"It's good, The structure is good. Yes. Not too sticky."

"Yes, it's tasty."

"It's nice and firm, has good bite."

"[I]f it were wine, I'd say it's fine."

While it might be easy to write these folks off as naive, NPR reported, "Research has found that when you tell people that what they are eating or drinking is a high-end product, they won't just say that it tastes better than a cheaper product — their brains will actually experience it as better."

Sources:, NPR / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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