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Flight Attendant Congratulates Couple For Having Sex In Airplane Bathroom

A Norwegian Air Shuttle flight attendant publicly congratulated a couple for having sex in the airline bathroom during a two-hour flight from Paris, France, to Stockholm, Sweden.

"(The crew member) said something like, 'We'd like to send our best wishes of happy reproduction to the couple that ventured into the toilet earlier on,'" an unidentified female passenger told The Local.

"People around the plane started cheering and laughing and there was a lot of gossiping about who it could have been," the passenger added.

However, passengers who didn't speak Swedish were simply told in English, "Welcome to Sweden."

A representative for Norwegian Air Shuttle told the Daily Mail:

"We can confirm there was an incident on board a recent flight from Paris to Stockholm involving two passengers.

"Whilst we appreciate that Paris is the city of love, we expect passengers to refrain from this type of behavior on board."

Sources: The Local, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Scott Wright/Flickr


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