Flaming Wind Turbine Spews Black Smoke (Video)


Wind power is often thought to be more green-friendly than fossil fuels or natural gas, but on July 1 in Coimbatore, India, a wind turbine was filmed on fire and spewing black smoke.

One of the wind turbine's blades eventually fell to the ground, and the other blades subsequently slowed down, according to RT.com.

Wired stated that the probable cause of the fire was high winds, which require either a brake to stop the blades from spinning, or a change in the rotation of the blades to "produce zero torque."

The news site reported that something in the braking process failed, and added: "The spectacular part of this fire is the smoke helix caused by the combination of rotation and linear wind speed."

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), a trade industry for the U.S. wind industry, had recently noted in a Dec. 21, 2015 press release that American wind power exceeded 70 gigawatts, which meant there was enough wind turbine capacity to serve 19 million homes.

Tom Kiernan, CEO of the AWEA, spoke about the success of wind power in the news release.

This American wind power success story just gets better. There’s now enough wind power installed to meet the equivalent of total electricity demand in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. Wind energy is the biggest, fastest and cheapest way we can cut carbon pollution here in the U.S., and as wind power grows, so will savings for American families and businesses all across the country.

The AWEA press release also noted how there were over 50,000 wind turbines operating in the U.S. at the time, and more than 980 wind farms (utility scale) in 40 states and Puerto Rico. At the beginning of 2015, wind power capacity was at 65,877 MW and there were 956 wind projects in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, the cost of wind turbine power has dropped by 66 percent over the past six years, according to the AWEA.

Sources: RT.com, WiredAmerican Wind Energy Association / Photo Credit: 4ze Technology/YouTube

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