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First Victim of Russia Plane Crash Is 15-Year-Old Girl (Photos)


A new photo of an innocent 15-year-old girl who is said to be the first fatality in the downing of a Russian jet, was released. The girl was reportedly sitting on top of the massive bomb which brought down the plane.

A total of 224 people were killed after a bomb destroyed a Russian Metrojet airliner in October, and the plane crashed in the Sinai desert in Egypt, reports.

Russian media outlet LifeNews reported that investigators believe the epicenter of the explosion occurred in rows 30 or 31 on the Airbus A321, according to and The explosion caused the plane to crash, killing both the passengers and the crew on board.

Investigators also believe that the passengers in rows 27 to 32 died instantly due to shockwaves from the explosion, according to LifeNews' report.

Hidden beneath 15-year-old Maria Ivleva’s seat in 31A was enough explosives to equal a kilo of TNT. Ivleva, who hails from St. Petersburg, was with her mother, Maria, 44, who sat in 31B.

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(Maria Ivleva, 15. Photo Credit: Will Stewart/East2West via

The plane departed from Sharm El-Sheikh and was headed towards St. Petersburg.

Plane records show that seat 30A was occupied by Nadezhda Bashakova, 77, from Volkhov in St. Petersburg, and Bashakova's daughter, 43-year-old Margarita Simanova, was in seat 30B, reports.

The Russian authorities are working closely with Egyptian and European agencies to find out who planted the bomb.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, has now claimed responsibility for crashing the Russian plane, posting a disturbing image of a drink they say contained the explosive devices.

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(Picture that the Islamic State posted of the explosives and the drink can that it was allegedly hidden in. Photo Credit:

Moscow has offered a $50 million reward for any information regarding the explosive device that was put on the Airbus A321, according to the Associated Press.

One assumption is that the explosive device may have been put under the seat in the area where the lifejacket is situated, according to

Sources:, Associated Press / Photo credit:, RT/Twitter

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