Fireball Lights Up The Sky In Slovakia (Video)

Residents in a Slovakian city were terrified when they noticed a giant fireball hurdling right towards them before suddenly exploding in the sky.

Shortly before sundown on April 6, locals witnessed the incredible sight and were terrified that the fireball would destroy their city. Footage of the event was captured on camera and published to YouTube by user NikoLas Vegas, and it has quickly gone viral.

“I was driving my car when I spotted something amazing up in the sky. I don't know what it was but I posted a video of it online to share it with others,” the man told a Slovak news source. “I was a bit worried that some of it had actually landed on the airport in Kosice but I was told later that it had disintegrated before it hit the ground.”

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Experts say that the fireball was actually a type of meteor called a bolide.

Check out the amazing fireball footage below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Strange Sounds / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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