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Fight Breaks Out Between TV Show Guests Over ISIS (Video)

Fight Breaks Out Between TV Show Guests Over ISIS (Video) Promo Image

A wild brawl recently broke out between two guests on a TV show in Lebanon (video below).

Former Syrian MP Ahmad Shalash and Sunni Islamist leader Bilal Daqmaq appeared on the "Bel Moubashar" show where the host, Rawad Daher, gave his condolences to Shalash, whose cousin had been decapitated by members of ISIS, notes

Daher asked Daqmaq, who opposes the Assad regime in Syria, if he wanted to extend his condolences to Shalash, who supports Assad.

Daqmaq stated: "I extend my condolences to the Syrian people for anyone killed--" but Shalash interrupted him: "Brother, he asked you a straight question: Are you extending me condolences or not?"

A fight suddenly broke out as Shalash grabbed and punched Daqmaq. The middle-aged men crashed into a giant TV monitor on the set before collapsing on the floor.

After the combatants were separated by the TV crew, Duqmaq walked off the show, but Shalash stayed to insult Duqmaq on the air.

The video was posted on Facebook by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), where it drew lively comments:

[I] need to know why is this page only concerned with the negatives that muslims do?! those guys are not representing Islam..Islam is right those guys are wrong so that doesn't mean tha islam is wrong cuz we are prohibited in it to shout at each other if we are supposed to be muslims..this page is just racist so investigate the truth guys don't listen to them.

[I]slamists have no mercy toward secular sunnis, let alone shias! Now we can understand what shias have gone through during these 14 centuries!

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This page shows Islam is violent and cannot co-exist with others not exactly like them. It also shows Islam needs to be reformed to reflect compassion, understanding, charity, and service to others. Why, for example, should they be treated with any more respect than they show the Jews? Muslims have to decide if they want to be a political movement or a religion.

I can't wait until we have brawls like this on Western TV. I might actually watch it.

You should see them go at it on Egyptian TV,, It lasts a little longer,, ;) after the water throwing them comes the DecorBreaking, ,, Its rather Fun and Pathetic at the same time.

Middle Eastern TV problems. Islamists- Isis sympathizers should be banned from appearing on TV.

"Whose Cousin Was Executed by ISIS." Why be so mealy-mouthed? The cousin was murdered.

Ha! You say investigate the truth but you can be severely punished if you read the New Testament.

TV brawls are definitely the best stuff that MEMRI can give.

Sources:, Middle East Media Research Institute/Facebook / Photo credit: Douglas Peale/Wikimedia Commons, Personnel Today, Pinterest

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