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Ferrari Speeds Around Moscow Shopping Mall (Video)

A driver was filmed by surveillance cameras speeding a Ferrari inside the Vesna shopping mall in Moscow in the wee hours of April 9 and 10 (video below).

The sports car flew down the unoccupied hallways of the mall, and was spotted by some security guards who tried to stop the driver, notes

One security guard said the Ferrari came into the mall through a loading platform only ten minutes before the mall was closing.

The car drove donuts in an open area, and left wheel marks on the floor.

The mall's marketing director told that the joyriding ended after about 15 minutes.

A mall rep confirmed to the website that Alkesandr Donskoy, the ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk, was behind the wheel.

Donskoy insisted that his speeding wasn't hooliganism, but rather performance art, notes Russia's Ren-TV, which aired the video.

The video was posted on LiveLeak where many commenters were skeptical:

That looked staged to me.

Promotion for that gay synergy or a movie.

[W]as it the 20 security guards, at night, in an empty mall, thinking they could stop a car by dancing with it?

I'm not saying this is fake, but it is.

[F]ake as trumps hair.

Thats one empty mall, do they only sell security outfits?

I like how the cops gather around like they can stop the car....I call fake as f***.

Fake! Nothing survives a Russian car video.

That's a lot of camera angles for a surprise.

You dont know that just about every square inch of every mall you go into is covered by cameras?

What exactly did the security guards think they were going to do if they actually caught onto the car while it was spinning like a top?

those security guys almost had him, all they would have to do is grab a bumper and the car would stop for sure.

After we get nuked I will picking one of these up about a 1/4 mile up the road and doing the same...

By "kind of art" he means "a promotion or advertisement."

What was security's plan, tackle the car? Bahahahahaha.

Faker than Assad chemical attacking his own people when he is winning the "civil war."

American stunt driver.

Vodka must been some good s***!

What a stupid bastard.

Aren't all the malls closed in Russia, anyway?

Why do people always run after cars as if they can catch up...

If that would of been Real and in Albuquerque that car would of been riddled with bullet holes!

Sources:, LiveLeak / Photo credit: Tokumeigakarinoaoshima/Wikimedia

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