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Bear Kills Child In Russia (Photos)

Bear Kills Child In Russia (Photos) Promo Image

A 6-year-old boy was reportedly killed by a brown bear in Russia. (Warning: The photo below is graphic.)

The boy and his twin sister were playing on a helicopter pad in Kheta, a remote village in northern Siberia, when the bear appeared, The Siberian Times reported. The bear pulled the boy into the bushes while his sister ran away, shouting for help.

Russia's Investigative Committee, which is the country's equivalent of the FBI, is carrying out an investigation into the boy's death, according to the Daily Mail.

"Children were playing outside when a brown bear walked towards them, grabbed a 6-year-old boy and killed him," said Olga Degid, a representative for the committee.

Degid said locals in the area killed the bear several hours after the attack.

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Villages and towns in remove areas of Russia have recently reported a number of instances of aggressive bears, according to the Daily Mail.

For example, on Sept. 18, The Siberian Times reported that an oil worker had been found killed by brown bears in Yamalo-Nenets region. The body of the man had been covered with tree branches, indicating the bears were planning to return.

"As of now we have 15 calls from people begging to save them from bears," said the wildlife and control service in Khanty-Mansi, a region neighboring the area where the oil worker was found. "The animals are very active, they are seen right on the outskirts of settlements, scaring people and making them feel besieged. In each of the cases we check how serious the situation is and whether our help is really needed."

Another bear was reported to have been shot in the airport in Nyagan, the town in Khanty-Mansi where Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova was born. Reports say the bear had been "terrorizing" the airport and had been wandering around the tarmac.

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Some reportedly thought the bear would break into the terminal building.

"He walked the tarmac and was seen in various spots around the airport building," one report of the bear said. "People were panicking. Both passengers and staff members were really scared of the bear as no one could predict what he was up to. Passengers didn't walk to walk outside the airport terminal."

Bears are currently preparing for winter hibernation, notes the Daily Mail. Their natural sources of food are reportedly quite low this year, prompting the bears to seek food sources elsewhere, including human-populated areas.

Sources: The Siberian Times (2), Daily Mail / Featured Image: Magnus Johansson/Flickr / Embedded Images: Nikolay Kovalchuk/The Siberian Times

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