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Father Mercilessly Beats Man Who Tried To Rob His Daughter (Video)

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A father was recently caught on camera beating a thief who tried to rob his daughter.

Video (shown below) of the incident was originally shared on LiveLeak and garnered over 20,000 views in just eight hours. In the video, the Brazilian father was seen unleashing an intense beating on a young man who had reportedly attempted to steal from his daughter.

As the father punches, slaps and kicks, the thief cries out in pain and seemingly begs for mercy. At one point, a young woman standing nearby who appears to be the daughter throws a few punches of her own. Bystanders watch as the father teaches the young man a hard lesson about robbing his daughter.

After roughly 30 seconds, the father drags the man over to a bike rack, sticks his head in between the bars and holds him there.

Reaction to the shocking incident on LiveLeak was mostly supportive of the father’s actions, with many viewers saying they understood how protective he was of his daughter.

“What father in the world would not do that? I would go blind with fury as well,” SiNoEvil said. “Has he learned his lesson yet? No, he'll never learn his lesson,” LuckyLicks added.

“I don't feel any pity for that criminal or any other criminal. Inflict pain onto his punk ass. Especially if he had tried to rob his daughter by hitting her,” Rhaspun wrote.

Watch the video below. Do you think the alleged thief got what he deserved?

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