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Father Records Murder-Suicide On Facebook Live (Photo)

A Thai man live-streamed the murder-suicide of his 11-month-old daughter and himself on Facebook on April 24 in what police are calling "an act of jealousy."

Wuttisan Wongtalay, 20, accused his girlfriend, Jiranuch Trirat, 21, of cheating on him, the Daily Mail reported. He then disappeared with their 11-month-old baby, Beta.

Wongtalay had already threatened to kill Trirat, according to reports. She then fled from the home in Phuket, leaving their infant child with him.

"At 3 a.m. yesterday he checked my phone and threatened to kill me," Trirat told Phuket News. "I was very afraid and ran away from the house and left Beta with him."

That's when Trirat looked at her phone and saw a shocking four-minute Facebook video clip of their deaths.

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"I returned home late in the afternoon and they were not there," the mother recalled. "I called him to bring Beta back to the house, but I could not get in touch with him. That’s when I saw the video clip and called the police."

Wongtalay reportedly climbed to the top of an abandoned Peninsula Hotel building in Phuket with the child before he began the Facebook live stream. The recording showed him climbing down the side of the building to retrieve his daughter's body before killing himself.

Police later found Wongtalay and his daughter's bodies hanging. Separate video shows their bodies being recovered by emergency service workers, the Mirror reported.

Lt. Col. Sanit Nookhong of the Royal Thai Police called the murder-suicide "an act of jealousy."

"We had an emergency call from Ms. Trirat and launched a search," Nookhong said in a statement. "We found the bodies of the father and daughter. We then checked the video of the man. He had done it before we arrived so there was no way for us to reach them. The man had an argument with his girlfriend. He was jealous and thought that she had other boyfriends."

Nookhong noted, "The video was posted at 5.45 p.m. and we had the call at 6.30 p.m."

Nookhong shared further graphic details of the crime with Phuket News.

“In the video, Wuttisan shows a bottle of liquid, which we later confirmed was kratom drink," Nookhong said of the traditional Thai medicine that acts similarly to an opiate. "He gives the girl, Beta, a drink and has a drink too. After that he ties a rope around the girl’s neck and lowers her down."

He added: “You can hear the girl crying and finally the crying stops. Then he pulls her up onto the rooftop and unties the rope from her neck."

Sources: Daily Mail, Phuket News, Mirror / Photo credit: Kirill Knlazef/Flickr, Daily Mail

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