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Father Drags Boy More Than 300 Feet By A Rope Tied Around His Neck (Video)

A father from China's Zhejiang province was caught on camera dragging his 10-year-old son on the ground by a rope tied around his neck as a punishment. 

The video (below) shows the unnamed father pulling the boy out of a truck by the rope after he refused to get out of the vehicle. The father pulled on the rope and the child stumbled down the sidewalk before the father dragged him for more than 300 feet, reports Shanghaiist.

Th father, who is a truck driver, shouted “might as well raise you like a dog.” He later told reporters his son had been playing outside all morning instead of studying and that he “lost his temper” as a result. Though he admitted the punishment was abusive, it’s currently unknown if he’ll face charges, reports the Mirror.

The boy suffered injuries to his hand.

Sources: Mirror, Shanghaiist

Image via Shanghaiist


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