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'Explicable But Not Excusable': U.K. Dad Sentenced For Attacking His Son's Rapist

A U.K. father was charged after he allegedly saw his son’s rapist on the street and beat the man.

The father reportedly flew into a rage when he saw his son’s abuser, according to The Sun. He punched and stomped on the man while shouting, “That’s what becomes of [pedophiles].”

“He was scared. He pulled his bag over his head to try and protect himself,” according to the alleged rapist’s account, which was read in Newcastle Crown Court. “The defendant stamped on his arms and hands. He screamed for help.”

The father’s lawyer, Vic Laffey, noted that the circumstances were regrettable but understandable. The judge, Tim Gittins, agreed that the incident was “explicable, but not excusable.”

Although the father was not sentenced to jail time, he was ordered to serve a suspended sentence of two years with supervision. He was also ordered to pay about $770 in fines and ordered not to contact his son’s attacker.

The man had no previous records of arrest. 

Sources: Dude Comedy, UNILAD, The Sun

Photo Credit: PRSA-NY/Flickr, Beth Cortez-Neavel/Flickr


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