Father Catches, Ties Up Man Who Allegedly Stalked Teenage Daughter (Photos)


A father caught and tied up a man who allegedly stalked and harassed his teenage daughter for a week.

Photos of the man, dressed in a grey suit, surfaced online after he was caught by the teen’s father. The alleged stalker had been following the girl before and after school every day for a week, according to the Daily Mail.

Once the girl’s father found out what was happening, he decided to take action. On Oct. 23, the father hid behind his daughter on her way to school and subsequently confronted the alleged stalker.

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The man, identified as Mr. Xu, reportedly admitted to the father that he "wanted to make the school girl his daughter."

The teen’s father proceeded to slap Mr. Xu several times before tying him to a lamp post.

Mr. Xu was questioned by police and later admitted to stalking the teen. 

The case is under investigation.

Sources: Daily Mail, People’s Daily Online / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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