Father Beats King Cobra To Death After It Killed His Son (Video)


In a video (below) that has gone viral, a grieving father is seen beating to death the cobra that reportedly killed his son in India.

The man seizes the long snake with his bare hands and hauls it from a tree, then slams it into the ground. As the snake dies, the man swings it around by its tail and beats its head into the ground repeatedly.

The man releases the snake, which can be seen twitching on the ground before it stops moving altogether.

The footage has been viewed over 700,000 times, according to News Grio.

The King Cobra snake, said to be one of the most venomous in the world, can kill 20 people -- or an entire elephant -- with just one bite. The snake will usually avoid human contact but become aggressive when cornered.

In India alone, snake bites kill 46,000 people every year, The Times of India reported in 2011.

Sources: The Times of India, News Grio / Photo Credit: YouTube 

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