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'Father Of Archangel Of Death' Joins Fight Against ISIS

Abu Azrael, member of the Imam Ali Brigade, is known in Arabic as “Father of Archangel of Death.” It is reported that Azrael is a former university professor who left his home to help the fight against ISIS, according to the Daily Mail.

Fan pages have been created in Azrael’s honor showing pictures of the fighter wielding a sword and holding machine guns. Videos of Azrael dressed in military uniforms and out on the field of battle have also been posted. Multiple selfies of the fighter have also been uploaded to his Facebook page. Currently, his Facebook page has gained 243,708 likes.

If ISIS has anyone to fear, it is Azrael. He is a large soldier with a distinct long black beard and is usually dressed in full military garb. Photos of Azrael are extremely intimidating, especially those of him holding an axe. He has similarities to the American Rambo.

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The Imam Ali Brigade is currently fighting against ISIS in the northern city of Tikrit, Iraq, which ISIS has taken under its control. The “Father of Archangel of Death” is presently there, fighting on the front lines of battle.

In the past few weeks, ISIS has been responsible for the murders of many innocent civilians. Especially shocking has been the public executions the terrorist group has posted online to social media sites. Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh was captured by ISIS and then put in a cage and set on fire. He burned to death while members of ISIS filmed his execution.

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The ISIS figure known as "Jihadi John" has gained international exposure in the past few months for his role in the beheadings of numerous captives. His brutal executions are almost always filmed and then released on social media.

It is clear that ISIS will stop at nothing in order to achieve its goal of creating an Islamic caliphate. The fight against the terror organization will be long. Hopefully, more fighters like the “Father of Archangel of Death” will step up to help defend civilians.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook

Photo: Facebook


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