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Father Killed Daughter Because She Couldn't Make Bread

A Pakistani man has been sentenced to death for killing his daughter because she wasn't good at baking bread.

After murdering her, Khalid Mehmood reportedly dumped the body of his daughter, Aneeqa, outside the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, reports the Daily Mail.

The cuisine-sensitive father initially reported his daughter missing, telling police she failed to return home after going out to buy food, and that he suspected she’d been abducted. But eventually, Mehmood and his son, Abuzar, confessed to killing Aneeqa by beating her to death, and then admitted to dumping her body and filing a false missing persons report.

When the two were arrested, the father admitted that his daughter was killed because he didn’t like the way she made gol roti, a staple bread of Pakistan.

Mehmood might have considered it to be an “honor killing,” a tradition in Pakistan where daughters who do not meet a family’s expectations have often been murdered with impunity.

“So-called honor killings have been a long-festering problem in Pakistan," explains Brad Adams, the Asia director of Human Rights Watch. According to Pakistani law, he notes, the family of a murder victim has a right to pardon the murderer, making murder-for-hire essentially legal.

“Pakistani law literally allows killers to get away with murdering the women in their families,” Adams said. “The law should be protecting women from these vicious acts – not enshrining an escape clause for their killers.”

A law was passed in 2004 that makes “honor killings” a criminal offense, but the law is poorly enforced, Human Rights Watch reported.

Sources: Daily Mail,Human Rights Watch / Photo credit: Ajmalbelg/Wikimedia Commons via Daily Mail

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