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Farmer Takes Revenge On Drivers Parked On His Land (Video)

A farmer in Croatia took the best revenge on drivers who continue to park on his land without permission (video below).

A flea market in Croatia attracts vendors and visitors every Sunday, bringing with them their cars that they park on Pavao Bedekovic's farmland, according to 24 SATA.

Bedekovic had warned drivers not to park on his land, but his warnings fell on deaf ears until Nov. 15. That day, decided to take things into his own hands by using his tractor to plow the spaces between two rows of cars, blocking nearly 50 vehicles.

Some drivers who got stuck called authorities, but police could not do anything as it was on Bedekovic's property, where he can do as he wishes.

Bedekovic eventually flattened the furrows he made to free the trapped vehicles.

Although some drivers reported their cars had been damaged during the incident, 24 SATA could not confirm those reports.

The Huffington Post reported in 2014 that Eastern European countries, including Croatia, have only recently enjoyed facets of democracy and free markets, such as private property, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989.

Sources: 24 SATA, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Video Screenshot

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