Family On Over $71K In Benefits Welcomes Baby Number 12

A U.K. mother, whose family is reportedly living off of $71,000 in government benefits, opted to undergo a C-section for her twelfth child, costing the taxpayers over $3,500 for the procedure alone.

Cheryl Prudham, 32, and her husband Rob welcomed Tillie-Grace Ellen to their family, making her the twelfth child, and while they’re already living off of over $71,000 in benefits, the latest addition will bring that number up by $1,000 a year. All of that is in addition to Rob’s monthly $2,500 salary, bringing their yearly income to almost $102,000.

While some may criticize Cheryl for choosing to undergo a C-section at the expense of the taxpayer, the mom of 12 says she’s earned it.

“I’ve done my fair share of natural labour [sic],” Prudham told Metro UK. “It’s so painful. I’m too tired now, so I deserve it. It’s my body and I’m free to choose what I do with it.”

In the past, the couple has been criticized for their choice to use benefits to fund luxurious vacations, but that criticism has apparently fallen on deaf ears. The Prudhams say they are currently planning a nearly $16,000 trip to Las Vegas to renew their vows and even have plans to conceive baby number 13 while on vacation.

Sources: Metro UK, Daily Mail

Photo Source: Neil Jones/Metro UK, Bridget Coila/Flickr


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